november 2015 1509

Do we really need to buy new stuff and why do we feel compelled to do so? Is our self worth tied to how much stuff we have and does it really add happiness to our lives? What effect does the production and destruction of all this stuff have on our planet?

These are important questions I want to explore along with my daughter by experiencing a year of not buying anything new! We will blog about our challenges and successes and we hope you will be interested to follow our journey.

About Anikah

Hi my name is Anikah, and I’m 10 years old. I was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when I was 4. In Taiwan it was really hot and even though I was young I still remember garbage day was everyday and how much there was!

article-2032012-0DA2A23C00000578-616_964x590.jpg (964×590)

I think that people can change how much garbage is in the world by not buying stuff we don’t need because often things you don’t need go to waste. That’s just a little bit of how me and my mom started doing this.



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