21 days and counting…


It’s been 3 weeks now and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share how we’re doing. To be honest, it’s been a breeze so far. I’m thinking that it’ll get more challenging as time goes on.

There have been a couple of small challenges, like, shortly after committing to buying nothing new and finding out that Anikah’s winter boots are too small…along with her snow pants…and skates!

  1. The skates were easily found at Play It Again Sports   http://www.playitagainsportsottawa.com/   for $16 CAD with our trade in.
  2. The boots were a bit trickier but, after dropping in to a couple of thrift stores, found the perfect pair of Sorels at Boomerang Kids http://www.boomerangkids.com/ for $25 CAD!
  3. The snow pants are a work in progress. We saw a couple pairs but Anikah would rather wear snow pants that are a bit too short, than get a pair that are not…let’s say…particularly cool.

Apart from the obvious challenges of finding things second hand, what else has changed? I’d say quite a bit! Life seems simpler now and this resolution is changing the way I think. Going into a store, unless for groceries, is just unnecessary so I never do. At first, if I had some free time before an appointment, the thought would cross my mind to pop into a shop to look around (and invariably end up buying something I think I need). It’s much easier without the temptation. And when we’ve had to enter a store to buy a lightbulb (Dollar Store) or to buy Advil (Shoppers Drug Mart), Anikah’s requests to buy things fell on deaf ears. It’s so much easier to say “no”!

I also see that I take care of my things a bit better than before because I know it could be more difficult to replace them now. I’m really trying to take care of my sunglasses! Or we are learning to make do with what we have and not automatically run out to buy it. We take the extra time to find the tape we know is “somewhere in the house”…and when we find it, use it sparingly!

And the last consequence I’ll share with you is saving money!

I know it all sounds so positive and I’m honestly not hiding the negative. I’ll have to ask Anikah to post an update from a 10 year old’s perspective. And I am sure there will be tougher times ahead. Just not sure what they will be!





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