How is this going to work?

I’ve been thinking that we’ll have to set some ground rules in order to move forward with a clearer idea of what this challenge of nothingnewin2016 will look like. There has to be some things that we just can’t buy second hand and there will be unforeseen questions ahead I’m sure.

Here’s what we know;

  1. Our objective is to buy nothing new!
  2. Food can be bought (although I have a friend who was able to feed her family of 4 with perfectly good food deemed unsellable by grocery stores-I’ll ask her if she wants to share her incredible story)
  3. Toiletries; toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo can be bought (but we will use up all the products we have at home, even if it’s not going to help tame our split ends, hydrate our hair, or make it thick, shiny, silky smooth, or as totally awesome as they claim in the ads)
  4. Dishwashing liquid, clothing detergent (other cleaning supplies Anikah and I will make with good old vinegar and baking soda)
  5. underwear (no explanation needed…)
  6. light bulbs (now there’s an idea!)
  7. gifts will be homemade with anything we have at home or they will be experiences (that’s a big objective as well, to focus on enjoying experiences, not happiness from objects)

So, that’s all for now. Thanks to everyone’s support and interest. Sharing this challenge on a public forum is important for my motivation and hopefully can provide some inspiration as well. xoxo


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