Well, I’m not sure if I’m in over my head to have committed to this challenge of not buying anything new in 2016. I actually just decided today while discussing with my daughter Anikah what our New Year’s resolutions will be. I always make them but they are soon forgotten. I wanted this year to be different and I was looking for a focus, a meaningful challenge.

While Anikah was clearing out her room of unwanted toys/clothes and stuff, I realized that we were always trying to only buy what we need but unable to stay focused. I don’t consider myself a big consumer yet still found myself buying things that I really could live without. I often had the conversation with Anikah about consumerism and how we are conditioned to buy, buy, buy. Not only is it a waste of money, but detrimental to our planet. Also, material goods can give us a false sense of happiness and self-worth with their quick and fleeting feelings of gratification. This is a message I’ve been trying to pass on to Anikah. What better way to really understand this idea than to see how we feel when we don’t purchase anything new.

We care about the environment, are always wanting to declutter, need to save money, and would love to focus on the nonmaterial aspects of life. And heck, it’s New Year’s Eve! What better time than now to start!

So, here’s to jumping right in to a year of nothing new!




3 thoughts on “NothingNewin2016!!!

  1. I love this idea and its sooooo you! Let me understand–you may still buy things but they can’t be new…….or….. you’re going to do with what you have ( clothes, furniture, “stuff” for the year) without purchasing anything. Of course there may be unforeseeable purchases ( like I just totaled my car, so need to buy another), but barring that, you will refrain from buying anything. I think that’s an amazing challenge!! Keep me posted–and what a great lesson for Anikah!
    Happy New Year!!


    1. Hi Carolyn! The challenge is not to buy anything new. Thrift shops, kijiji, garage sales are all fair game. The idea is not to add to our planet’s overabundance of stuff. But…we will also be doing our best to do with what we have. Nice of you to be my first commenter!!!Happy New Year to you, Lucas and Jan (Rusty too!) xoxo


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